All images are digitally watermarked and
copyright protected.


The selection and placement of art has an important role in today’s business environment. Art humanizes the workplace and communicates the vision and values set by the leaders of the company. The right photographic images can promote positive attitudes which flow directly from the corporate staff to the client.

Images are available for websites, brochures and office décor. All images are copyright protected. Digital files for use on websites or brochures are digitally watermarked. Please contact for prices on digital files.

Prints are made on archival quality canvas media and framed professionally. Framed canvas prints are priced as follows:

20×16 inches – (office) – $175
30×20 inches – (office or hallway) – $225
36×24 inches – (office or hallway) – $350
60-inch panoramic – (hallway or conference) – $600
72-inch panoramic – (boardroom or conference) – $700
96-inch panoramic – (boardroom) – $1000
144-inch panoramic – (mural or theater, gallery wrap) – $1800